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Decimal values in text promp

Started by rajurokz, 27 Sep 2017 04:14:21 PM

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I have a strange situation where parameter is not passing decimal values. i'm trying to filter the report based on check amount. When prompted for 8.77, the report shows no data. But there is a record for this value and its same with all the decimal values. What i understand is parameter is not passing the exact amount with decimal value, and there is no problem with the round figures. please help me.



If you modify the filter to [Data Item] = 8.77 does it work? What is the data type of the field? Some databases will automatically round floats for display, but filtering won't necessarily work the way you expect.


[Data Item] = 8.77 works perfectly fine, but there's a problem with the parameter. The datatype is Int and the db is DB2.