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Has anyone actually had success with this version of LCM

Started by NYD3030, 11 Feb 2018 06:30:35 PM

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I'm embarking on a CQM - DQM upgrade and am wondering if anybody has had a good experience with LCM for Cognos Analytics? The universal experience of myself and my colleagues has been very poor as far as stability for this version, and we've bailed on using for every upgrade we've done. I'm hoping someone here knows something I don't that will make it stable enough to use, as its ability to run reports in DQM without making package changes is pretty enticing.
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Hi There

Did you end up using LCM for your QA testing?
or did you end up using another product?

We are in the same position at present and are looking for a stable testing tool with good reporting.



I tried the one in C11.0.10 and most of the time comparisons crash. It did work to some degree when comparing the execution time between two installations (C11 with C10 e.g.).

In general LCM is very disappointing since I would need comparison tool for testing if reports are still working after package or version changes and LCM provides this only in theory.



It's so diff compare cognos 10.
I cant see some feature in cognos lifecycle manager 11.