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Problem with TI process
« on: 19 Oct 2017 10:03:47 am »
Hey guys

A colleague of mine set up our Grants cubes in TM1 and he added a process for me to be able to run when I needed to add new elements to the Proposal Reference dimension. I've tried to work out how to run this process but can't get past the edit screen. I can see that the process DIMBUILD_Proposal_Reference and DIMUPDATE_Proposal_Reference are both there (refer to screenshots), but when I click 'Run', they run but do not ask the prompt question of "How many new elements do you want to add", so it's not adding any...

It's supposed to run and add X number of new references so that I can enter the data against those elements in the Grants cube. It should automatically add numbers in sequence, so if you take a look at the screenshot, the next one in the sequence should be P000211 as that is after P000210.

Could anybody please help me figure out how to run this process as intended?


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