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SDK to get Dashboard and data module metadata

Started by Revathy, 31 Oct 2017 06:26:58 AM

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I am trying to get the Cognos 11.0.5 dashboard and data module metadata from SDK. The metadata for Dashboard is in JSON format and does not have much information. Is this the only format or do we have options to get the XML format. I read in one of the forums that report specification of Report Studio Reports and the dashboards are the same.

The metadata of data modules are just binaries? Is that how it is stored or Is there any other means to retrieve this metadata?

Thanks in advance


According to the SDK a Dashboard isn't a subclass of report, meaning you can't do Report dashboard = new Dashboard();
As far as I know only with reports can you set or get a specification. the dashboard class doesn't have a setSpecificaiton method, so i'm guessing you could only do it with a byte array and couldn't parse much meaningful information from that.


So there is no way in Cognos Analytics to get the metadata for the "Dashboard" created? If not, are they are planning to have this in future?