Author Topic: Rollup Aggregation in Framework Manager  (Read 257 times)

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Rollup Aggregation in Framework Manager
« on: 08 Nov 2017 08:13:41 am »
Shamar wrote in a personal message:


      I have one Date_dim table with year, quarter, Month, Date_Id  & fact table with Date_ID, sales, Sales_Percentage where both tables connected on 1.1 - 1.n on Date_Id . 
       Am pulling Year, Quarter, Month, Date_id, Sales, Sales_percentage in a list. At date_id  level (lowest granularity) the values of Sales & Sales_Percentage is correct but at Month/ quarter / year level (higher granularity)  Sales_percentage is getting added up which is not right.

      Is there any way in FM to do Rollup Processing for relational package, Kindly help

Cognos version 10.2.2
Database : DB2

Thank You.

Is Sales Percentage physically stored as a pre-calculated value in your fact table? If so, all you can do with that is to change its aggregation type to Average, so that you get the average percentage for the selected measures.

If you're calculating the percentage in FM, how and where are you doing it? Is it an embedded calculation? If you're trying to calculate it in FM, create it as a standalone calculation and set the Regular Aggregate to be Calculated, then add it to your package.