Author Topic: Group: CAMID("::Everyone") - how it affects Security  (Read 359 times)

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Group: CAMID("::Everyone") - how it affects Security
« on: 07 Dec 2017 01:08:02 pm »
Question: CAMID("::Everyone")  Group -
Does EVERY user need to belong to this group ?

We have security be group -- ie, different groups for different Geography regions.
When applying elemental security, we give this Everyone group NONE access to all elements.

When User is added, if they are part of this group and their "real" Regional group, they see all Zero's because anyone in this group would have NONE access.

Is it OK to remove Users from this group ??
Otherwise, security doesn't work


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Re: Group: CAMID("::Everyone") - how it affects Security
« Reply #1 on: 07 Dec 2017 03:13:19 pm »
This group basically provides access to Cognos BI, and normally it will give access to all cubes etc.

You do need it, and all users will need to belong to it, however it is common practice to secure the group from all cubes eg setting "NONE" to each cube. This forces the user defined groups' security to be used.