Author Topic: Page Sets best practices - how to manage multiple containers/queries per page?  (Read 262 times)

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Hi all, what are the best practices for creating Page Sets for pages that contain multiple data containers from DIFFERENT QUERIES?[/b]

In a nutshell, I have a report that creates two crosstabs for high and lower percentile performers for a last-12-months rate. What should the Page Set query be set to? Either/or query that supply the crosstabs? Or is there a best practice that I'm unaware of?

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Hi Psr,

if I remember your post from before the edit correctly, you have a single Query that will deliver the raw data with the original classification into percentiles, and then you have 2 filtered queries that reference the original query, just to filter the two percentile groups.

If that is indeed the case, then your page set query might have to reference the original raw data query. I don't quite know your data, but if the percentile data is not aggregated across the same dimension that you're splitting the pages on, then either of your referencing queries might wind up with no data for a single value of that dimension.

If the aggregation level and the page break *is* on the same level, I would still use the original query for the page set. Cognos is smart enough to, for the page set, fire a separate query against the database that will only return the relevant dimension, and not whatever else you have as data items in your query.