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Author Topic: Question about the 'Manage Task Execution Rules' ....how to change to output new  (Read 4563 times)

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I have an Burst report that executes and lists all orders in 'N-new' status.
In the Manage the Task Execution RulesI have my task to run burst report and the 'select when to perform this task', for selected items,
I have BOTH New Events and Ongoing Events checked.  Each time the schedule runs, I the report lists all of the orders in 'New' status.

What I would like to have the report do is:
1. In the morning show all 'new' orders (just all orders in new status that haven't been filled).
2. As the report runs throughout the day, I only want to see the 'New' newly placed orders since the last time the report was run.

I am unclear how to set up #2.... how do I get just the brand new couple of orders placed and not allll of the orders that printed on the morning list of open orders?

Thank you!