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Hi all,

I hope this is the correct spot for this post.  If not, apologies.

I wanted to reach out to the community to gather some feedback about the possibility of moving to Cognos 10.2.2 before Cognos Analytics.  We're currently using a single server installation of Cognos 10.2.1 on Linux and Apache.  It's planned for us to move to Cognos Analytics (a project I'm looking forward to but want it to be done as best as possible).  My plan is to tackle moving us to a distributed server installation at that time too.  Our IT resources (especially in the reporting areas) are stretched very thin right now.  We are on a version a few years out of support with our main reporting database and working to upgrade to the latest version - a project that will tie up a lot of our (especially my) time.

I've been reading through the forum posts and see there are various schools of thought on the subject.  I see the point that Analytics is the latest version.  I've also been reading about a lot of the aches and pains the community has gone through with their implementations of Analytics, but that it is being actively and rapidly addressed by IBM.  However, I am concerned that being stretched thin due to our current projects, it would be hard for us to have a successful implementation of Analytics at this time.  I believe there will be a lot of testing needs and training may need to be put together/provided to our authors/consumers to assist them with understanding the new layout/features.  It's looking like we might not be able to begin the CA project until late in the year.

So, I am wondering if the move from 10.2.1 to 10.2.2 is an easier endeavor that may require less in the way of resources (training, troubleshooting, etc).  My thought process is that while the support will be diminished (no new fixes/patches/etc.) if the upgrade is easy enough and not a large change, it could give our users the best of 10 until we can implement Analytics.  I would imagine we would keep the single server setup we're using for Cognos 10.2.1 if we went this route.

Additionally, I am admittedly wet behind the ears when it comes to installations/upgrades.  I have only performed installations of 10.2.1 on Windows in the IBM training I attended.  Our environment was setup prior to my employment.  So the upgrade from 10.2.1 to 10.2.2 could be a good exercise before moving to CA and I may also attend a new administration training course using CA.

Thanks in advance for any feedback you can share!



Thanks dougp! I appreciate the feedback.  It confirms that we will need more resources then currently available before moving to CA. 

We're going to evaluate updating to Cognos 10.2.2 in the meantime.  Hopefully if we do, it will be relatively straight forward to move from 10.2.1 to 10.2.2.  The installation will be on the same single server using Linux/Apache that our current 10.2.1 installation is on.  I've not performed an upgrade/installation on a Linux server before, and it will hopefully be straight forward enough.  From what I've read in the Forum, it sounds like it is not all that different - especially when your Linux server is setup to allow a graphic user interface (for example Xming).

I'm making the assumption that we won't have to update our hardware for the move from 10.2.1 to 10.2.2.

Another consideration perhaps is that Cognos 10 is out of support at the end of April this year.

We have migrated all but 1 of our version 10 customers onto 11 and implemented new customers on 11 without major drama. Many of the new features are a welcome addition.

Isn't it neat how a software vendor can force you to abandon a working product to migrate to a broken one.  That's so cool!  I'm in the wrong business.


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