Author Topic: How to isolate a package from a model  (Read 680 times)

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How to isolate a package from a model
« on: 26 Feb 2018 07:31:18 am »
Hello everyone ,

I have a model with 5 packages Under FM , I want to work with only one package of the 5 , is there a way to isolate the package I want with all it s subjects and namespace , and use it alone (as a model) Under FM ,

Thank you for your help
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Re: How to isolate a package from a model
« Reply #1 on: 08 Mar 2018 07:48:08 am »
As there is no way using cognos tool, you can do it, but manually what you can do is(No idea about Motio, a third party tool for deployment)

Take the copy of FM, analyse what all namespaces, folder is selected in the particular package.

It will require some analysis to do it, and remove all tables and unwanted folders namespace that does not belong to the particular package.