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Multiple SSAS connections
« on: 27 Mar 2018 06:05:18 am »
Hi everyone.

I'm not sure if this question was already answered here, but I wasn't able to find anything related so far.

I have a Framework Manager project that has several SSAS cubes connections.

I need to see those SSAS cubes in just one package, but in a more distinguish way, more or less like this:
1. Package
1.1. Sales Cube
1.1.x dimensions and measures
1.2. RH Cube
1.2.x dimensions and measures

When I try to open the package in report studio, I'm not able to see the folder "Sales Cube" or "RH Cube", I see the cubes without these division, which is very confusing for business users.

Until now I tried the below techniques:
1- Create namespaces and place there the respective SSAS cube.
2- Create folders and place there there the SSAS cube.
3- Create a Master Package referencing the nested ones.

All the results are the same.
Not sure if this helps, but I'm using the Cognos Analytics 11.0.9.

Thanks in advance.