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Where did Cognoise go?

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One day I found that my one of the auto-loaded tabs in my browser wasn't working.  It was Cognoise.  I saw the problem every day after that.  No more Cognoise.  :(

Today I tried something different.  Remembering the Google was changing Chrome to warn users about unsecure sites, I thought, "Did Cognoise start using SSL?"  I changed to protocol to https and, Voila!, Cognoise is back.  Oddly, it now even redirects from http to https.

This appears to be the first post since March 28th.  Have Cognos users in the Cognoise Community really had no questions (or answers) for over a month?

 It wasn't cognoise that went down - everyone who uses Cognos took a nice long vacation.

Either that or there was an issue migrating to a new server after Avnet was purchased, and it took this long to restore it.

Very happy to have it back!

Kiran P:
Cognoise went down. They had some technical problem migrating to the new environment.


There is definitely content missing from  There has been lots of action since March as I sign in regularly.   Anyone know if we will get it back?


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