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Need to renew my certs, looking for advice on what to take


Hey fellow Cognos devs

My certifications expired a long time ago along with Cognos version 8 and my company have offered to pay for a complete renewal of up to date certifications on v10 or v11. It's been so long since I last checked the courses/tests that I'm a little overwhelmed with the number of options. I have 23yrs experience with the tool (started with v2 Impromptu back in the 90's) and use v10.2 daily. Last I remember you couldn't just pay to take the tests, you had to take each course first. Is that still true?

I seem to recall there being a "consultant/expert" level certification but I cannot find that now. Does such a thing exist?


Taking the courses is recommended as the cert exams occasionally reference specific terminology - I'm looking at you Framework Manager cert.

But doing the course isn't required. You can take the proctored exam directly. During the IBM Insight they're heavily discounted. Last year the first exam was free and each subsequent one was $30.

Outside of Insight, check here:


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