Author Topic: Issue with Oracle connection string with multiple servers and Cognos 11  (Read 33 times)

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We have two Cognos environments (Prod and DR). We also have two database instances (Prod and DR). We want to have the Cognos connection strings to have both database instances so we don't have to change the connections if we switch to the DR database. We have Prod working just fine, see the connection string below, but if I copy and paste the connection string to the DR configuration and I just test the connection if fails ([ ERROR ] IPFTEST-006 Logging failed to connect to...). I am able to telnet to both of the databases in the connection string from the DR server, so it's not a telnet issue. I confirmed I'm using the correct ID/PW. The Prod database is the first server in the connection string. This is the part that kills me. If I just have the Prod database connection string and not both (Prod and DR) it tests fine. Again I'm copying and pasting the connection string that is working in Prod to DR and it fails.

With both servers

Single server