Author Topic: Save to file system throwing error in a multiserver linux environment  (Read 290 times)

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CNC-DS-0025 Cannot write the report output to the file system : CNC-SDS-0425 Failed to lock resource 35FD60B2E39AC536AFB2F37C6DDCA16F365EED8C141699A184 : asyncDeliveryThread-5.
RSV-DST-0014 Unable to deliver the output of the report. See the run history details for more information. Ensure that the required services are started. Ensure that the user account is configured to distribute the output in the requested manner. CAF-WRN-2082 An error has occurred. Please contact your administrator. The complete error has been logged by CAF with SecureErrorID:2018-07-17-08:23:31.221-#2

we are using cognos 10.2.1 ,we have 4 dispachers  2 gateways and one content manager running in the environment(one dispatcher act like stand by content manager)

when we raised the issue with IBM they have given some fix for the web apps for delivery services and asked us to set the delivery services to false on all the dispatchers  and set to true only on the content manager

it was working fine for 3 months and causing this issue again IBM stopped supporting the 10.2.1 version anymore

if we do the NC table drop then the job is running fine for the first time and second time throwing an error

please suggest if any solution for the issue