Author Topic: Post 11.0.6 to 11.0.10 Upgrade - Reports not always submitting/running  (Read 78 times)

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I have recently completed an 11.0.10 upgrade (from 11.0.6).

Since the release upgrade, periodically, when a business user attempts to run a report in the background the report is not running and/or completing.
Sometimes they receive the "Parameter Cached" message in the Run Details and then nothing after that.
And, then on other occasions, they do not get any indication that the report was ever submitted.
On other occasions the same report will run without issue.

All scheduled reports run without issue which leads me to believe that this is a browser related issue - We are using Chrome.

I have had users save reports, "save as" over the existing report, clear cache, allow pop-ups, renew credentials etc.. some of which work for a while, but do not seem to resolve the issue permanently.
In addition, we are using a multi-server production instance.

Any thoughts would be gratefully appreciated.
Thanks in advance,