Author Topic: Cognos 11.0.11 Dashboard - Translation of data elements  (Read 119 times)

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I am not sure if this is a potential bug in Cognos 11.0.11 version.
I created a dashboard with English as my content language. The widgets contain an attribute status filter. This Attribute status query item is modeled in FM such that it brings in the appropairate language based on user run locale.

When I change my context language to French or German under My preferences, then the dashboard widget does not show correct data. I ran a SQL profiler query and see that the attribute status filter in the SQL uses the English locale name.
Now, here's the catch. When I re-build the same widget with the content language saved as French, the widget displays correct data. The SQL profilers also shows that the attribute status filter in the SQL uses the French locale name. Thus, the FM modeling and translation mapping is working as intended.

Is it a bug that when a dashboard is built in a given language and when the Context language is changed, it somehow retains the previous language settings?