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CognosScript 7.4 Error Number 239 ?Syntex Error


I require help deciphering a Script that someone has written who is now not here.
When Impromtu opens and runs the .IMR I receive the below error:

--- Quote ---Error number -239:
DMS-E-GENERAL, A general exception has occurred during operation 'prepare request with options'.
DMS-E-SS_SYNTAX, A syntax error was detected near 'DATE'
--- End quote ---

I believe that this is something to with the dates that are being entered not being recognised (if I manually enter the information the file runs).

The dates are being obtained, via a CSV file, that the Script is then referencing via a “Input #MasterFileInput” (where I believe each data item is being labelled).

Impromtu seems to want the Dates as M/D/YYYY but the CSV has them as DD/MM/YYYY.
If I am right in the assumption above how do I go about altering the inputted date variable into the required format?

Any help on this is greatly appreciated

Radha Krishna 445:
Hi Algy,

Did you got any solution for this. Currently i am also facing the same situation. If you have any solution for this please share it here. Any help would be appreciated.


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