Author Topic: How to compare the existing IBM Cognos users with OID user and update in Cognos  (Read 125 times)

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Hi All,

I am looking for your expatriate suggestion or solution on how to compare existing IBM Cognos users and groups with list in txt file from different system(OID) then update/add the user accounts in BI server.


We have IBM Cognos Server and created many groups in IBM Cognos server then added users from AD server. We have another application which has configured to use the OID for authentication.

we have same users in both AD and OID, but we wanted to compare and update the users & groups in IBM Cognos as in OID. we have the OID users/groups in txt file as a source.


Is there any code which compare the OID users/groups mapping as source with BI system users/group to update/add/remove users in IBM Cognos server?.

the code should look for:

If user exists in OID and not in IBM Cognos then add that user in BI Server

If user not exists in OID list and exits in IBM Cognos then remove that user in BI Server.

If user exists in different group in OID than IBM COgnos group then update the user group membership in IBM Cognos.




Groups called 'SALES' , 'HR' and 'FINANCE'  exists in OID and created manually in OBM Cognos.


1.If User 'ABC' assigned to 'SALES' group in OID, then user 'ABC' not exists in IBM Cognos system then code should add user 'ABC' in IBM Cognos 'SALES' Group.

2.If User 'XYZ' not exists in OID list , if the user 'XYZ' exists in IBM Cognos system that users should be deleted in IBM Cognos server.

3.If User 'ABC' changed group from 'SALES' to 'HR' group, then update the user 'ABC' group to 'HR' in IBM Cognos system.


Thanks- CG