Author Topic: Cognos Analytics parameterized URL method  (Read 4771 times)

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Cognos Analytics parameterized URL method
« on: 01 Nov 2018 12:30:11 pm »
I am upgrading from Cognos10.2.2 to CA11.0.11 and facing issue with parameterized URL. I have followed below IBM note to create parameterized URL(Gateway Option).

When I run report from folder it open fine in new C11 portal  and when I run report with below parameterized URL it open in cognos legacy portal, please refer attached image.

http://localhost/cognosanalytics/bi/v1/disp?b_action=cognosViewer&ui.action=run&ui.object=//content/folder[@name='Test'] /report[@name='Test']

Any one encountered same issue ?


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Re: Cognos Analytics parameterized URL method
« Reply #1 on: 11 Mar 2019 02:08:28 pm »
I'm not completely sure this will answer what you are asking, but you might try it. I pulled the information from IBM's documentation on creating custom URLs for Cognos Analytics content.

Link would start like this:
http://<servername>:<port>/bi/?pathRef=<path>&<option1>=<value1>&<option2>=<value2>... --by deployment location
http://<servername>:<port>/bi/?objRef=<id>&<option1>=<value1>&<option2>=<value2>... --by object ID

Then you'll append other items depending on what you want to turn on or off. These are the ones I've used.
ui_appbar -- top bar
ui_navbar -- side bar
action -- run or edit
format -- html, excel, pdf, etc.
prompt -- show prompt page
p_[prompt name] -- supply the prompt value to pass to the report. If you already name your prompts as p_Year, for example, in Cognos, this would look like p_p_Year.

Hope this helps!