Author Topic: Cognos Dynamic Cube - Deployment to Production environment  (Read 153 times)

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Hi All,

We are facing hard time in moving the dynamic cube from development environment to Prod environment. We have a Multi tenant environment and hence will not be able to publish through Cube designer
on the Cognos environment. We tried publishing through SDK and we are stuck.
Please find below the list of issues

Trying to publish the cube through SDK program - REST API provided by Cognos. But RESP API cube_deploy, publishes/register the cube only on the First dispatcher. Our environment has multiple
dispatcher and cube gets registered with the first dispatcher. Checked with Support and this is the expected beahaviour with REST API.
Support is requesting to find out the cube registered under First dispatcher and re register to the next set of dispatchers through SDK call. We dont find any function/API to perform this activity.

Refreshing the members in Cube - Though we can refresh members through cognos scheduler/cognos administration, we are trying to refresh through SDK, as our environment may have 10 dynamic cubes.
Hence, we try to refresh the Dynamic cube through SDK call. Once we start the Cube, we are trying to get the state of the cube and messages out of Start/Stop operations using getCubeMessages, getCubeMetrics.
But these methods, when used as given by SDK document, throws an error. Tried reaching out to support, but no support from them.

Is anyone using Dynamic Cube in your envrionment? How do move Dynamic Cube package and Data source from one environment to other?
How do you refresh the cubes?
Has anyone of them faced these issues?