Author Topic: TM1 Architect - does not connect to Server Instance  (Read 214 times)

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TM1 Architect - does not connect to Server Instance
« on: 21 Nov 2018 02:13:34 pm »
We have TWO  TM1 Server instances running on a same TM1 ADMIN HOST and TM1 APPLICATION Server (Similar to how the Sample Instances are set up) 
ServerInstance1 has existed for over a year and works fine.
ServerInstance2 is NEW - populated with Dim, Pro, Cub objects copied from ServerInstance1.
Used IBM Cognos Config tool to create a new resource.Changed appropriate settings, and all directories DO exist

The tm1s.cfg files in the respective data directories are identical except for  the Server name, Port numbers and Directory paths :   
    >> DataBaseDirectory=F:\tm1_data\ServerInstance1    vs.   DataBaseDirectory=F:\tm1_data\ServerInstance2
    >> HTPPortNumber=22429   vs.  HTTPPortNumber=22435
    >> LoggingDirectory=F:\tm1_data\logs\ServerInstance1   vs.  LoggingDirectory=F:\tm1_data\logs\ServerInstance2
    >> PortNumber=12429   vs.   PortNumber=12435
    >> ServerName=ServerInstance1  vs.   ServerName=ServerInstance2
If I  Remote Desktop into our development WIN server. I can open Architect on the server and also  successfully log on to
   BOTH Tm1 Server instances with no problems and create,edit run TI Processes, etc.

If I open my LOCAL copy of Architect on my LAPTOP - I can open Architect,I can see BOTH instances ServerInstance1 and ServerInstance2
    but ONLY connect/log onto to ServerInstance1.   
The ServerInstance2 instance is visible, but when I click on it to log on, I get an hourglass for a couple of minutes, then it goes away
  and nothing happens. 
What could possibly be causing this ?

Since I can connect from the DEV WIN server - It must be something local to my laptop that is making NOTHING happen when we
  try to connect to the ServerInstance2 instance.
Another Developer is having the exact same issue with these 2 Server Instances.
** We are both able to open LOCAL copies of CAFE on our own laptops and connect to BOTH Server Instances completely FINE **
What can we look at to resolve this on the local machines ? 
Can it have something to do with the local Certificates? 
How do we troubleshoot ??

Since it WORKS from the WIN SERVER, I am assuming the Config and other settings are correct.