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IBM Think 2019


Is anyone planning to go to the conference in San Francisco this year? Any thoughts from those who attended the event last year?

I'd like to go. If I get the IBM Champions nod, I think it's a sure thing.

Lessons from last year. Get to the Cognos sessions early, and don't give up your seat for any reason. Bring a bottle of water and some sandwiches, and don't forget the brass knuckles.

For each of the sessions last year there were a few hundred people trying to get into a room with a capacity of 75. Hopefully IBM learned something and will give the Cognos people a bigger room.

It's a possibility. Very useful insight from last year there, Paul - thanks for that. I'd be really unhappy if I paid all that money to go but couldn't get in to the sessions I was most interested in...


Hope to see you guys there !
Would be great to meet you Paul, you are my Cognos idol !!


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