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Author Topic: Dyanamic Maps in Cognos 11  (Read 10158 times)

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Dyanamic Maps in Cognos 11
« on: 11 Jan 2019 05:13:30 am »

I'm trying to build a Cognos Active Report in C11.0.9 and I see I only have available the old Map Manager Mapa and Dynamic Maps from Visualizations (I think this is a RAVE visualziation but not sure).

The thing is I acn't find how does the Dyanmic Map identify the areas as I see that it is capable of telling countries if I just make a query with country name plus the metric I want but I don't know how I can specify custom areas such as "Western Europe South" or "South-Central America" or "Northern Area Region" that are made up of customer-specific groupings of offices and do not map to standars groupings like ZIP codes, countries or areas.

Also, I cannot find any documentation about the Dynamis Maps or what maps should I be getting with Cognos Analytics and I have the strong suspicion that my installation of Analytics is incomplete.

Thanks in advance for any help.