Author Topic: Drill Through Report From DMR report to DMR Report-Expand and Collpase function  (Read 76 times)

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Hi Fellow Cognos Users.

I have two reports Summary and Detail where the detail report is a drill through report of the Summary.
I am having an issue with the expand and collapse functionality when I drill through from the summary report to detail I get the detail report but when I try to expand the hierarchy on the detail report by double clicking (or by using the expand member menu option) I get the following error message.
But if I were to run the detail report by it self and then try to expand then I am not getting an error message.
I have tried this with passing the parameter value from the summary to detail and even with disabling the prompt on the detail report and just simply doing a drill through to detail.
the detail report opens up but throws the error when I try to expand. But the expand will work if I were to drill down first and then try to expand.
Not able to see what the issue is here. (to me it looks like when drill though is happening the detail report doesn't know its parent. )

Below is the error message :

RSV-SRV-0003 The report specification contains an error at line ' 62', column ' 4,188'.
Duplicate unique value declared for identity constraint of element 'selection'.
RSV-SRV-0042 Trace back:
RSReportService.cpp(766): RSException: CCL_CAUGHT: RSReportService::processImpl()
RSReportServiceMethod.cpp(253): RSException: CCL_RETHROW: RSReportServiceMethod::process(): asynchRunSpecification_Request
RSASyncExecutionThread.cpp(873): RSException: RSASyncExecutionThread::checkException