Author Topic: Bedrock 4 library for TM1 / PA is out  (Read 13877 times)

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Bedrock 4 library for TM1 / PA is out
« on: 23 Apr 2019 07:00:32 am »
Hi all TM1 & Planning Analytics fans,

A new version of the bedrock TurboIntegrator library has just been released. This is version 4 of bedrock and is a ground up rebuild of the library specifically for IBM Planning Analytics.

Bedrock is a modular TurboIntegrator library with the intentions of
  • significantly reducing the volume of custom TI code needed to perform most tasks
  • increasing TM1 code quality and robustness
  • improving system maintainability
  • flattening the learning curve for new developers
  • accelerating project development & implementation cycle time
Basically it is about making developers more productive and writing less code bringing a modular functional library approach to TM1 / Planning Analytics which is standard in other toolsets and languages. Don't re-invent the wheel, use bedrock!

Best of all bedrock is free and open source. All members of the TM1 / IBM Planning Analytics community are welcome and encouraged to contribute to the project and make it better!

To read about what's new in bedrock 4 vs. the last version please refer to the "what's new" post in the project wiki over at GitHub.

Note: that bedrock 4 requires a minimum TM1 server version of 11.3 to function with 11.4 being the suggested minimum version (that's PAL 2.0.5 & 2.0.6 respectively).