Author Topic: List Summary Performance issue  (Read 4386 times)

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List Summary Performance issue
« on: 07 Jul 2019 09:38:37 pm »
Hi Experts,

Need your kind help on this .

I have a star schema set up with 600000 rows in fact , not too large . I am creating  a list report with few columns and doing a summary on the sales rep to show the sales by rep in quantity and sales.

The report is working fine in development server , result comes in few seconds and the same report is not working in production , getting query service is busy error when summary is added in the list report in production. If i remove summary then the reports comes in seconds in production also.

Both production and development refers to same db tables in same database .

Development in cognos 11.1 and production is cognos 11.0.10 , this is the only difference and development has 2 or 3 cubes all together, but production has like 6 to 7 transformer cubes . This is the 1 st dynamic cube in both the servers.

I tried to increase the jvm heap size from 1 gb until 8 gb with no luck on the summary result .

My question is why its working dev server and not in prod even if increase the heap size . How do i debug in production.

I also converted the list to cross tab with no luck in production.