Author Topic: Impala Connection String for Cognos Analytics 11.1  (Read 509 times)

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Impala Connection String for Cognos Analytics 11.1
« on: 12 Jul 2019 07:24:14 am »
I want to connect Cognos Analytics  11.1 with Cloudera Impala.
The connection string that I have used  so far is :
jdbc:impala://host:port/<schema name>. Also the jdbc that I used at cognos is Simba JDBC Driver for Impala.

My question is , I want to to see tables from different schemas. How is this possible, when I put the name of a certain schema into the connection string?

I am wondering if there is an error at connection string due to the fact that when i run a report from a package which is read Impala I am taking the following error

Data source adapter error: java.sql.SQLException: [Simba][ImpalaJDBCDriver](500051) ERROR processing query/statement. Error Code: Software caused connection abort: : socket write error, SQL state: HY000