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IBM Cognos Navigator on a workspace in Cognos Analytics 11.1.2


Hello all,

I upgraded Cognos BI 10.2.2 workspaces to Cognos Analytics 11.1.2.

My workspaces in Cognos BI 10.2.2 have IBM Cognos Navigator (have 6 widgets on the workspace and one of the widget is a IBM Cognos Navigator).

When I run the workspaces in Cognos Analytics 11.1.2 all widgets work as expected except the one with IBM Cognos Navigator in it. It shows a 'error loading a widget' message

Have anyone seen the same issue? Any ideas on how to make IBM Cognos Navigator work in Cognos Analytics 11.1.2?

Note - I have tried opening the workspace in IE, Chrome and Firefox as well - nothing helped.


We are experiencing the same issue.  Opened a support ticket with IBM yesterday.


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