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Author Topic: Preserve named ranges / Cognos list  (Read 4696 times)

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Preserve named ranges / Cognos list
« on: 24 Jul 2019 12:12:49 pm »
Hi all,

After creating a CAFE list within Excel, we are assigning an excel "named range" in order to reference the "Cognos" list in VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP functions etc.
From what we can see, the named range gets lost (disappears) after pressing the "Refresh all data" button.

Is it the expected behavior? Is there a workaround? This does not happen when using Cognos for MS Office but the functionality there is different too (no exploration module). Obviously, without being able to use formulas like VLOOKUP functions in combination with Excel Ranges (which are dynamic and not static), the power of the module is very much limited.
In Cognos for MS Office, we can refer to the "identifier" of the Cognos list inserted in the report in order to create functions in Excel, and it does not get lost when refreshing.

Any help welcome …