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Author Topic: One email PER output?  (Read 6256 times)

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One email PER output?
« on: 13 Aug 2019 01:27:05 pm »

Looking at if it's possible to have Event Studio send one email per output instead of sending all outputs in one email.

for instance.

I run a report, it generates POs 1, 2 and 3. All are the same email address of jay@home.ca
I want it send to 3 emails to jay@home.ca. One email for each PO. Instead it is sending 3 emails with all 3 attachments.

I know report studio bursting can do this, but i want to use Event Studio so i can dynamically change the Subject lines. IE so subject of email 1 says "PO 1 for xxxxx" and so on. I have that working fine.

Right now i get 3 emails like this:
PO 1 for xxxxx
PO 2 for xxxxx
PO 3 for xxxxx

But ALL 3 attachments are in ALL 3 emails.

What I want:
PO 1 for xxxxx - just the output for PO 1
PO 2 for xxxxx - just the output for PO 2
PO 3 for xxxxx - just the output for PO 3