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Where does business intelligence from here?

Started by Blue, 18 Sep 2019 05:44:05 PM

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G'day all
I have been fired from my job. Did I do a bad job? No. Was the company bad? No. So what happened?
The company I've been working with for the past 4.5 years was/is very closely tired to the IBM star. I have two decades of experience with Cognos technologies. Overnight, it appears, no one wants to deal with IBM and it products. In three weeks of job search across Australasia, the EU, the US, and South East Asia, there are almost no Cognos BI or Cognos Analytics jobs advertised. In the BI job postings I've seen on LinkedIn, SEEK, Indeed, DICE, and numerous over sites, more than 80% demand Power BI. The other 20% is a smattering of well known tech including Tableau and Click as well as various esoteric tech. Where Cognos BI/Analytics is mentions, it's a "nice to have" or minor requirement in a Data Architecture role. Many BI jobs require Java, JavaScript, C#, etc. and not even a suite.

So what happened? Why have BI tool suites "suddenly" become obsolete? Of course it was not overnight. I just didn't see the bus coming!

Where does BI go from here? Will tool suites survive, even make a comeback? Or has cloud, SaaS, and 3GL coding killed them off forever?

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Francis aka khayman

visualizations during presentation is just awesome! then they buy the product (Tableu, Power BI, Qlikview) the all the warts shows up. but they already have invested huge amount of $$ so they are stuck with the product.


Sorry to hear you lost your job. I have noticed that organization are leaning more towards self-service data visualization tools. A common practice while evaluating new data visualization tools is they are often compared to the existing BI tools. Users want self-service capability and because these data visualization tools are easy to use, they often become the new "hero" of the organization. They want to eliminate the dependency on a BI/technical expert. Do it yourself (DIY) is the new thing because you can learn everything from the internet. Anyway, I can rant about this all day long. The point is BI is dying but it will come back with a different name. It all comes full circle!!

Here's an article I read about BI dying: https://www.information-management.com/opinion/business-intelligence-is-dying-whats-next-for-analytics