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Migrating one Datastore to Another Datastore


Hi CogChamps,

Current CEP 10.1.1
As per our requirements we have to migrate from one existing Datastore from one server to another Data Store in another server.
1> I made changes in gateway server and planning store connections pointing to new Data Store and ran Cognos Config..
2> Added the new datastore in CAC and I am unable to find any applications or any admin links which is relevent to new DS.
3> we have old applications Plus a new DS( Blank) .Even if I link OLD Applications under new DS , GTP is failing.

Can someone please help on this.  Is there a way to update PAD, so that PAD consists of all applications and admin links and macros and publish tables pointing to NEW DS.

Any other method to achieve migration from OLD DS to NEW DS.


Hey Cogplan,

I hope you're doing well! I haven't worked in Cognos in quite a few years, so my understanding at this point may be a bit rusty.

**Please take this with a grain of salt and ensure you have backups/disaster recovery options available. If you have a test/dev environment you may want to try a migration there first, before touching production.

I think you're very close to how I would have done this..  expect I would take an export of the current applications, macros, admin links, etc through the deployment feature. Once the deployment has captured everything, reconfigure Cognos config to point to the new datastore. Head into the CAC, it'll prompt to create the planning tables then once that's done, import the deployment you took previously. This will create new applications in the system and hopefully resolve the GTP issue.

Hope this helps.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your reply and good to hear back from you.

Steps undertaken
1> Export-> Model & Data-> Admin Links & Macros &  ( Applications under data store) , but Applications under data store are failing and hence Export utility is failing. :(

Current Actions
1> Export only Admin Links & Macros, Will that be fine.
2> Also while changing cognos config, Should I delete the current content store and recreate a new one... As Current one after has previos data store information, hence its not asking me to recreate  PAD..
Can you please brief me on steps here, as am dependent on cognos admin team. Will have to guide them on this.
3> Is there a way to fix failing  export applications. ::(

Unfortunately, had to rollback and now planning to implement changes in DEV in few days before implementing the changes in PROD.

Awaiting for your response.
Please do let me know if any other steps needs to be undertaken.



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