Author Topic: Upgrading to Cognos Analytics 11.1 R5 - Mail attachement Problem  (Read 5266 times)

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Hello Experts,
Our organisation are upgrading to Cognos Analytics 11.1 R5 and we are facing a problem in Mail attachment file when we bursting reports, we use UTF-8 as Encoding and we tried to change the encoding but still have the same problem;

The file's name have french letters and when we burst the report we got as an exemple :

=UTF-8QBS000B_-_R=E9sultats_R=E9seau_MB_Bus= =UTF-8Qiness_Solutions_GROUPE_BS001.pdf=

The correct name of the file is :

BS000B - Résultats Réseau MB Business Solutions GROUPE_BS001.pdf

Someone have the same issue ?
Thank you for your help