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Anyone having success using Planning Analytics data source in Cognos Analytics?


Alison N:
We attempted to upgrade to Planning Analytics back in September since TM1 10.2.2 was no longer going to be supported, but our upgrade project hit a blocker when we found that our Cognos Analytics reports that use TM1 as a data source were no longer functional.  We started a ticket with IBM support, but after 5 months they have continued to investigate our issue with no resolution.

Has anyone successfully upgraded to Planning Analytics and use it as a data source in Cognos Analytics?

We currently have Cognos Analytics 11.1.4 installed on Linux Red Hat OS.  We tried both the legacy TM1 data source connection along with the new Planning Analytics data source connector. The TM1 connector returns a server not found error despite all the correct settings being specified and network traffic successfully coming and going to the Planning Analytics server.  The Planning Analytics connector is very slow for even simple reports, so our production reports never return and eventually crash both Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics services.

Any experience you've had with using Planning Analytics as a data source in Cognos Analytics would be helpful to know if this issue is specific to our environment or if others have encountered it as well.


we are using Cognos Analytics v11.x with PA 2.0.9 as a part of the data source. Works fine, we also use the Analytics as Login Gateway for the SSO settings with apache DS (LDAP)



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