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Question on business view - query subjects
« on: 22 May 2020 04:34:11 pm »
I have a need to create a business query subject that will entail all attributes.
I have a FACT Table (containing measures and related attribute IDs for example, Product Type ID and Product Status ID), Product table (connected to Fact Table), and a Product Type Dimension table and Product Status Dimension table that are connected to the fact table.

Thus, FACT table joins the Product table, Product Type and Product STatus table.

Business user wants a query subject that entails all product, product type and product status together.

All the joins are defined in the data source view.

Is it safe to build the query subject (namely, All products), and include product type and product status (even though they are joined to the fact table and not the main product table dimension)? Or would I need to build a merged query subject in DS View and then force the join of this query subject to the fact table?

What would be the safest approach? I am seeing the extra join to the fact table being run in the background, when I just add a Product Name and Product Type field on the report/ dashboard. Will this cause any issue in performance, if Product Type were to be used as a mere filter on a dashboard?
Any suggestions are welcome.
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