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Error after upgrading to Cognos 11


Hi All,

I am encountering the below error after upgrading from Cognos 10  to Cognos 11 while running the report.

XQE-GEN-0005 Found an internal error: Dimension hierarchy Created On Yr/Month appears more than once in a tuple during expression evaluation.

It will be great  if you guys can help me on this issue.

Thanks & Regards

I think the first thing would be to check to see if Created On Yr/Month is appearing more than once in the tuple.  That means that something is trying to get the query engine to use objects from the hierarchy in such a way that the hierarchy is ending up more than once in the tuple, which as you know, would be quite a feat if you could accomplish it.  You would need to trace through the report, its queries, and the source model.

You have presumably read the error message.  Could you tell us what you understand the error message to mean please.  What possible actions to investigate the problem have you identified? 


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