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Substring function not working in Charts .


Hi Folks,

I am using function substring(dimension,16,4) in a chart in Cognos 11 DMR model (working fine in list ) , it is throwing error " Found an internal error:
java.lang.IllegalMonitorStateException" , when removing this function , report is running fine . so just wanted to know is there any way that i can substitute the substring function . By searching on net i also found the suggestion to use 'Report expression' for it , i tried but gave me the same error .

Can anyone please help on this.

Thank you


Dimensions are not valid for the substring function.

If you select substring in the expression editor and press the I button on the top right you will see information about that function.  It will tell you what objects are valid for the expression. 

You will probably want to use an attribute, which is treated as a query item.

Thank Yo for the response . :)

We were using Cognos 11.0.13 in which i was getting the error mentioned before , now we are using Cognos 11.1.7  in which i am not getting issue and i see the relational functions working on dimensions when used in Charts .



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