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LIST grouped and list headers/footer
« on: 16 Oct 2020 02:56:01 pm »
Hi to all,

I have this LIST having the following data items in the following order: DataItemA, DataItemB, DataItemC, DataItemD, DataItemE, DataItemF, DataItemG, DataItemH
Groups on :DataItemA, DataItemB, DataItemC, DataItemD

Structure :
   List Header : using DataItemA
   List Footer : Using DataItemB, DataItemC and DataItemD

DataItem E : is a metric and is called Metric1
DataItem F : is a metric and is called Metric2

I clicked Metric1 column and clicked on the TOTAL button from the menu and it automatically created TOTALS for each any of the grouped data items(grouped DataItemB, DataItemC and DataItemD)

I the try to the same with the Metric2 but the TOTAL displaying is the same (wrong) for each of the grouped date items. Any ideas ?

Thanks for any feedback!