Author Topic: Get “clean” report path from Audit Reports from folders in 10.1 version  (Read 339 times)

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I’m trying to get “clean” report path in Cognos 10.1 report using Audit package “Run Reports>Report search path” or “COGIPF_RUNREPORT>REPORT PATH”. What I’m getting now is /content/folder[@name=’Folder1′]/folder[@name=’Folder2′]/folder[@name=’Folder3′]/folder[@name=’Folder4′]/report[@name=’MyReport’], but what I expected is Folder1>Folder2>Folder3>Folder4>MyReport.

I tried by using SUBSTR, INSTR and LENGTH (REPLACE is not working) functions.

Can anyone help me on this ?

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I use REPLACE.  Maybe your syntax is off.  Read up on the REPLACE function.