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SetOutputCharacterSet not working


Hi everyone,

I'm facing an issue regarding code page, specifically Portuguese characters.

I'm trying to export data from a cube view directly to a .txt file using a TI process (I already tested csv and the situation is the basically the same). However, the result file shows symbols instead of characters like ã,ê,í,á ....

I already tried a few encoding types like TM1CS_ISO_8859_3, TM1CS_ISO_8859_16, TM1CS_WCP1252, TM1CS_UTF8, TM1CS_UTF16, TM1CS_UTF16ESC, but nothing seems to work.

Plus, I'm using the SetOutputCharacterSet function both in Prolog and in Data tabs.

Can anyone help me on this?

Honestly I'm not sure if a server configuration issue or I'm just doing something wrong...


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