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FM 10.2.2 Doesn't Recognize DB Updates

Started by NVFlyAngler, 10 Jun 2021 09:19:40 AM

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Good Morning,

We're running Framework Manager 10.2.2 with a Microsoft SQL Server database.

I added a total of three columns to one view and one table. i've verified (multiple times) that the changes were made in the database to which FM is connected.

When I select either of the two base table objects and go to Tools > Update Object, the changes aren't recognized by FM.

I'm running FM on a VM (WMWare Fusion 12.1.2) with Windows 10 Pro on a Macbook Pro.

Everything worked fine as recently as April 2021, which was the last time I updated the model. I did have to reinstall VMWare between the last model and update and now, but everything appeared normal afterwards.

Short of reinstalling FM, I'm out of clues. Any thoughts?

Many thanks,



I found that clicking Validate doesn't always (usually doesn't?  never does?) register that there was a change.  Try modifying the query (in some meaningless way, like adding a space) first.