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Multiple requests to database from transformer


hi all,

Got a strange one that I cant get my head around. I noticed today that one of my cubes at build time has started to submit what look like multiple requests to the database.

When viewing the activity monitor in SQL server rather than see a single select statement ( simple select against a dimension table) there are well over 50+  entries, all with the same session ID but different wait types, some suspended, some running. I've attached a screenshot. ( well i tried to but keep getting "Cannot access attachments upload path!") I'll try and get it uploaded later.

The underlying source reports haven't changed and are report studio reports written over a published package (Star schema).

I've tried creating a new model with a new extract and have avoided the package by writing my own sql in the report, but get the same issue.
When i view the sql in transformer all looks good.

Am i missing something here? any pointers appreciated.



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