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SOLVED - Multi-item type-in input prompt


I had this all written up ready to post when I tried something stupid, and it answered my question
So I'm posting it anyway, in case it helps someone else.

I have a number of users still on QS (11.1.7) who are creating queries and need to be able to input multiple items into a type-in prompt.

The column is "Character Length 16", database is Oracle 19.

Most of the time, QS provides a prompt that allows them to enter one item at a time, click [Insert], enter one more, click [Insert], etc. They need to have the box where they can paste multiple items in at once and click [Insert] once to add them all to the prompt.

(See attachment for screenshots of what I'm talking about) Forum wouldn't let me upload the image.

I've been fooling with this for several days and Google hasn't been any help.
I've tried a whole bunch of things, but haven't been successful in finding what triggers QS to show the big box instead of the one-item box. Does anyone have an idea?


* Setting Prompt Type to "Edit Box" in model
Create filter in model ([Namespace].[QuerySubject].[QueryItem]  in (#promptmany('MyPrompt','varchar')#)
* Grouping on the column
* Summarizing the column
* Apply to individual values - Checked or Unchecked
* Format Data
* Advanced Options - summarize detail values
* Pulling columns only from one query subject
* Pulling columns from multiple joined query subjects
* Usage: Attribute and Identifier
* A hundred other things
When editing the QS query:

* Set your filter to type-in
* On the 'Run Report' menu, choose 'Run with All Data'
* Save
When running from Cognos Connection/Cognos Welcome screen, it will now show the multi-item input box.


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