Author Topic: Aggregating several text values into single comma separated value  (Read 483 times)

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Hi there,

this is a list I have:

Code: [Select]
Dim1    Dim2
A       A1
A       A2
A       A3
B       B1
B       B2

and this is the list I would like as a result:

Code: [Select]
Dim1    Dim2 agg
A       A1, A2, A3
B       B1, B2

No facts involved in this, these are pure text values. The number of values for Dim2 for each Dim1 is variable.
Now, I know how to solve this by using a repeater inside a list, but that solution seems to take exponentially longer, the longer the original list is, and I'm looking for something that is purely inside a query/multiple queries if need be. Anyone got an idea?

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