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IBM Certified (multiple) Cognos professional available


I have 15+ years of hands-down experience in architecture, design, implementation, training and troubleshooting of Cognos applications and I specialize in re-designing and converting ineffective Cognos implementations into fully effective ones.


1> Complete designing and creation of Data Warehouses with perfect Star-Schema design
2> Complete designing and creation of Cognos BI metadata models, reports, visualizations and advanced analytics
3> Complete designing and creation of Cognos Cubes
4> All admin functions including installation and upgrades

Worked for companies who Cognos implementation was in very bad shape which caused very high dissatisfaction among users and I converted their Cognos environment into a highly effective one resulting in very high user satisfaction. Have done multiple projects like this and hired by many employers multiple times.

I am available for full-time as well as part-time work.

Thanks for reading this :)

Send me your resume: CognosPaul at


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