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Framework Manager - data sources confusion

Started by hbosch, 09 Apr 2022 05:10:21 AM

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I'd like to create a new project, however the concept of data sources is a bit confusing to me.
In the screenshot below, i have a connection made to the Great_Outdoors_warehouse database (on the top). I would thought this database contains all the tables i need.
But what is the GO SALES (second one) and gosales (third one)?

screenshot: https://ibb.co/JQ3pZpk

Thanks very much


What is the name of the file which you used?

There's two sample data bases.  One is the data warehouse, with one schema.  The other is gosales.   It has 4 schemas: gosales, retailers (gort), Marketing (gomr), and human resources (gohr). You can also tell the difference in that the non-data warehouse db has a separate table for order header and order details.

I have not memorized the tables of either but I suspect that you have gosales rather than the data warehouse but there isn't sufficient information to make a definitive statement.


thank you for your response. I tried both files when selecting a data source:


and would like to know from the screenshot, which is the actual database and which is the schema, or if im wrong, how do i correctly identify the three items from the screenshot.

Thank you


The object which is near the bottom of your picture and contains tables is a schema.

I've looked in my stuff and that schema is from the great outdoors sales db, not the warehouse.