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Scheduled Job stopped running

Started by bshim, 03 May 2022 01:52:42 PM

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Our team has a lot of scheduled jobs, but recently at least 2 jobs that were running successfully stopped running without reason.

  • Job has been set to have no end/expiration date
  • The run history doesn't show the job was even attempted
  • The log has no errors or any lines for the time that the job is scheduled to run
  • The job executes manually just fine
  • The upcoming jobs list doesn't show the job. However, if I open the schedule and click OK without changing anything, the job shows on the list!

For our use case, by the time we notice it didn't run and resort to #4 or #5, it's too late. We also have too many reports that this could potentially happen to. Root cause is obviously the best, but if we could download an Excel file of all upcoming jobs (or at least significantly past 1 day), we might be able to settle for that.