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Author Topic: Page Set for 2 pages  (Read 131 times)

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Page Set for 2 pages
« on: 22 Nov 2022 12:37:35 pm »

I have a report that will require 2 pages but other pages need to be sequenced based on certain criteria but when I run my report in PDF and get the output page 1 works correctly, but page 2 doesn't seem to sort at all or break by anything.

page 1 is based on a Pallet ID per shipment. if shipment has 1 pallet ID it generates 1 page because it has nothing to group/page break, but some shipments have 2 pallet ID so it creates 2 pages based on the grouping/page break setup.

page 2 is based on a travel sequence in our warehouse, then by our delivery sequence of our shipment and then by a unique LPN number.

as I mentioned page 1 works fine, but the page 2 group/page break doesn't seem to be functioning at all, but if I remove page 1 and just use page 2 it works fine. how would I accomplish this? sorry if I knew how to post pictures in this forum I could share alot more details.