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Short question for a research project: What are most common job titles for...

Started by FerdH4, 10 Feb 2023 08:33:54 AM

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What are the most common and recognizable job titles for a person who is (essentially) a full-time report/query author?

Do any of these titles apply, for example, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Reporting Specialist.

The role(s) I am trying to ask about would not be one with specific responsibilities for data modeling.  This role should be exclusively concerned with (a) analyzing consumers' requests, then (b) authoring, testing, and publishing Cognos Analytics' reports to meet the requested needs.

Thank you for posting to share any similar job titles that you are aware of.


The titles for report development are:

1. Business Intelligence Developer        - Develops reports but has limited experience and knowledge
2. Sr. Business Intelligence Developer   - Same as above but is more skilled and had better knowledge
3. Business Intelligence Lead                - Develops reports, modelling, making data cubes, faces challenging problems and finds solutions and can mentor people in the above two roles
4. Business Intelligence Specialist         - Same as above, just a different title to represent the same role
5. Business Intelligence Architect          - Has the skills to do (3) and can also design Data Warehouses, has complete architectural knowledge of the technology and can lead and mentor the entire team.

If you need someone to talk to the users, understand requirements, translate them into technical specifications and also do the development (without needing someone else to provide him/her technical directions) then you need at least 3 or 4. Modelling is an important dependency and without that reports cannot be made so that knowledge is mandatory.

Most developers can only do what they have read in the book and when they face a different scenario in real life then they don't know how to provide proper solutions. A lead or architect is not only technically savvy but also has creative abilities (usually) and since every organization's requirements are unique, that person would be able to provide proper reports, not inferior ones.

If you want to post a job for this then I would recommend adding the word 'Cognos' after 'Business Intelligence' in the title. That would show the posting in the search results of the candidates.

If the position you offer allows remote work then I can recommend someone. You can send me a Private message.


Ah ! Never mind about the last sentence in my earlier post. I saw your other posts in the technical forum so now I know you are a developer, not someone seeking to hire someone.


Thank you twice cognostechie for the significant contribution.  And, we are not in the hiring phase yet...sees like quite a ways from it in fact unfortunately.